Brutally Murdered and Seemingly Forgotten, Who Was America’s Unknown Child?

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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children facial reconstruction

To some, 1950s America was a classic time of wholesomeness. A time when children could play outdoors, mothers baked apple pie and fathers went to work in their smart suits, never without a hat. However, for one little boy, this experience was a world away. Cast aside like garbage, his life went unremembered and unclaimed. But just who was America’s Unknown Child, and who brutally murdered him?

It was in February of 1957 that a man checking muskrat traps in the woods off Susquehanna Road in Fox Chase, Philadelphia, made a horrific discovery — the corpse of a young child discarded in a cardboard box, cast aside amongst the rusting appliances and garbage. He didn’t report the discovery, fearing the police reaction to his muskrat trapping. Days later, a passing La Salle College student saw a rabbit in the area and, knowing there were traps, followed. While he too was reluctant to approach police, he finally reported the discovery the following day. …

What Caused an Apocalyptic Explosion in the Siberian Wilderness Over a Century Ago?

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Photograph from Kulik’s 1929 expedition taken near the Hushmo River | Public Domain, author edit

It was an event that had the potential to kill millions and devastate an area the size of Rhode Island. A mysterious explosion in the Siberian wilderness that was a lucky escape for humanity, the blast unleashed a force that destroyed hundreds of miles of forest with the power of 185 Hiroshimas. While an asteroid has been blamed, there is no actual scientific consensus over what caused the destruction at Tunguska. It is a mystery that has stood for over a hundred years.

On June 30 1908, Evenki natives in the hills around Lake Baikal, Russia, watched in awe as a column of blueish white light lit up the sky. Nearly as bright as the Sun itself, the column was moving across the sky and on an impact trajectory. A little over ten minutes later there was an immense flash, and the roar of an explosion was heard, the shockwave being felt hundreds of miles away, with windows broken and people thrown off their feet. …

Did the Entire Crew of This 1940s Ghost Ship Perish, or Is the SS Ourang Medan Just a Tall Tale?

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Frieda Peters a steamer of the Ourang Medan type, for illustrative purposes | Sjöhistoriska museet, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The legends of the sea are diverse and many. From tales of sirens to sea serpents, mythology and superstition have long been the favoured tale of the old sailor. …


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